Actively in pursuit of long term growth
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Welcome to Dorilton Capital

Investing across a range of industry sectors
Patient Capital – we are a Family Equity Business
We represent the investment office of a European family and have no fixed investment period. We prefer to create value over the longer term by reinvesting cash flow while avoiding excessive leverage. We have insight into the issues that other family owned businesses may confront and can be flexible in considering structures that will assist sellers with estate planning and other tax considerations.
Partnership – with existing Management and Shareholders
We work actively with existing management teams and other stakeholders and recognize that long term business success is the result of a team effort. We do not assume that we have all the answers and look to our management teams to lead their businesses. Dorilton will provide additional capital for acquisitions and growth projects and assistance in scaling up infrastructure as required.
Continuity – of Management, Employees and Culture
We partner with companies that are a led by strong management teams and have a successful history and culture. We firmly believe in our companies continuing with the elements that have made them successful and do not pursue undue change.
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