Our Focus

Seeking to invest in small to medium sized businesses
Dorilton Capital is a private investment firm seeking to acquire, recapitalize and support the long-term growth of small to medium sized businesses across a range of industry sectors. We seek control situations and prefer to partner with incumbent management in order to create value over the long term.

Target Company Characteristics

  • Established businesses that have demonstrated profitability and cash flow generation
  • Strong management team with key members of the management team willing to continue
  • Leadership in a market segment or geography
  • Diverse customer base with high rates of customer retention or long term contracted revenues
  • We target new platform companies with EBITDA generally between $3m and $25m
  • Smaller companies will be considered as bolt-ons to our existing portfolio companies
  • Companies located in North and South America

Acquisition Structure Guidelines

  • We only consider change of control transactions
  • We prefer existing equity holders to retain a significant ongoing equity interest post transaction
  • We are conservative in our use of leverage in transactions
  • We prefer to invest in the common equity side-by-side with management shareholders